Friday, August 17, 2007

New Shoes & Shoe News

Okay. So by now you've prolly already heard that Saks Fifth Avenue reopened its megalopolis of a shoe store -- so big they have a chocolate cafe (cheesy women-love-chocolate-and-shoes stereotype much!?) and even gave it its own ZIP code -- 10022-SHOE. Check out the Post's story here, and check out their photo gallery, which is really well done. I love the pair they lead with:

($595, Miu Miu, Saks)

I also love these:
($575, Miu Miu, Saks)
Gorgeous and elegant in nude, fun and funky in green and grey. Sliiiiiiiiightly outta my price range, so hopefully someone will hurry up and knock 'em off soon... Someone like, oh, I dunno... say... Steve Madden? So, funny enough I should mention both Steve-o and legality just the other day in reference to Steve Madden's "Chaps":

My reference to legal issues was that they looked like Chinese foot binding devices, but turns out, per the awesome Shoewawa they're also pretty much an EXACT rip of Christian Louboutin's Emily booties. Dude, Steve, that's just egregious. Might as well paint the instep red too. WTF? Also, Chaps or Emilys, they both blow.

($504, D&G, Amazon)
Love these sexy Tin Woman heels, but I love these just as much...

($82, Nine West, Zappos)
I love the vintage design of these too.

($104, Oh Deer!,
Featured on -- I love the rich, luscious cream. Great price too, if you can stand to buy something from the leathery plastic bionic woman that is Lisa Rinna.

(Apprx $229 USD, Esska,
Usually I find roses/ mauves to be fairly boring, but these are stunning and would look SO cute with some not-too-skinny but not baggy jeans and a nice sweater for my beloved fave season, fall.

(Apprx $69 USD,
Lovely teal shade. And I don't give a fuck about what Kate Moss is wearing these days -- I still love my grey jeans, they look rad on me, and these would look perfect with said two-seasons-ago jeans. (Again, via Shoewawa.)

($145, Lacoste,
These are dope.

($21, Classified,
You can never have enough grey shoes.

... And finally...
($53, Very Volatile,
In keeping with the loose theme of shoes in roses, mauves and what I like to refer to as Indian ice cream colors, these are beyond cute.

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Mellow Girl said...

A girl can NEVER have enough shoes. :) I really like the silver pumps!

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