Monday, August 27, 2007

JACKETS: PART 1: Everybody In Great Grey Coats!

I'm covered (I wish, literally) in coat choices for what I PRAY is any impending cold weather.
This is my top pick:

($655, Robert Rodriguez, Active Endeavors)
Pristine, though at $655, it's no steal.

($640, Rick Owens Lilies,
... Or save yourself $15 and go for this amazingly chic yet comfy-looking Rick Owens Lilies wrap. I wanna snuggle up into it and hibernate 'til this God-awful humidity passes.

So... some more eco(-nomically)-friendly options:

($343, French Connection, Asos)
Very Sgt. Pepper's chic.

($308, Mike & Chris,
Ahhh... Mike & Chris. I'd make some lame fratty joke about the two men I'd most like to be between, but a.) that's lame, b.) I'm too tired to think and c.) Chris actually stands for Christine.

($145, Chan Chan, Asos)
Totally the type of trench you'd wear nothing under. If you're that type of trench-wearer.

($148, Free People, Urban Outfitters)
Highly cute.

(Apprx $170 USD, Topshop)
The Jackie O. look isn't me, but this is still darling.

($319, Walter, Saks Fifth Avenue)
Very uptown.

($49, Max Azen,
Vintage, very back-to-basics staple.

($36, Coffee Shop, Nordstrom)
Adorable twist on a standard trench, and the PRICE! Eeee!

($38, Forever 21)
Awesome Mike & Chris knock off!!

($29, Old Navy)
Finally... so no one will mistake this for the Robert Rodriguez version, but it's still really cute.

1 comment:

Iheartfashion said...

Mmmmm...I'm pining after the Rodriguez coat and the Walter shiny trench.

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