Monday, August 27, 2007

Batty Betsey Bags

Even though both Betsey Johnson and her Betsyville line of bags are basically synonymous with Crazytown, the wackadoo side of me still sorrrrrta loves some bags from both lines...

($335, Betsey Johnson, Nordstrom)
Far more subtle than what we usually see or expect from Betsey. Not bad at all!

Also totally toned-down. For Betsey.

($283, Betsey Johnson, Zappos)
Love the croc combined with the chain handle detail.

At first I was into the 24K Oversize Satchel, which is all sold out at Nordstrom. Then I realized that it was actually clear and not white. Which made me not really care after all that it's sold out. I still love the handle though.

($95, Betseyville, Nordstrom)
So much cognitive dissonance happening with this bag. It's both awful and awesome all at once.

($125, Betseyville,
No lovey the ribbon ties, but the paper doll print is fun.

($95, Betseyville,
Busy but fun.

($75, Betsey Johnson, Hot Topic)
Yes, this is from Hot Topic. Oh well. It's cute!

($67, Betsey Johnson, Macys)
Without the strap, this clutch is actually really cute.

(Betseyville, Macys, sold out)
Okay, now I'm really starting to scare myself. At least I know I just like the IDEA of the Diamond Girl bag, and not the actual bag itself, as I'm quite usually quite opposed to wearing any other face on my person aside from my own. (Though if you're looking for one for yourself, check eBay.)

($20, Betseyville,
Cosmetic case = probably the safest best yet.

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ThErE gOrGeOuS

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