Friday, September 28, 2007

Bargain Basement Bests

I was recently explaining to a friend that the reason why people like Betsy and Susie get flown to Paris by Chanel and people like Tamron and I do not is that we (or more accurately, I) do posts on, like, what is cute at Old Navy currently. Ce la vie. Sometimes they have cute shit! I can't help myself. Last weekend I went shopping at the Atlantic Center in Brooklyn (the closest thing we have to a mall in my neighborhood), thoroughly enjoyed myself for a good three hours, and came home with a bunch of shiznit. Which I will now document for you.

Stripey trapeze top, FIVE DOLLAH! Very trapezey but irresistibly cute.

The next thrilling purchase was this anorak in army green, on sale for $24.99. I can attest that loads of fashion girls rock the army jacket. It is SO much better than this picture shows, I swear. I'm going to live in it this fall. See if you can find it in the store in green. I ONLY recommend the green, and I know you LIVE by my recs.

I also got a couple V-neck long-sleeve tees in dark colors for $15 each, one of which I realized started unravelling before I even put it on my person. (Not really worth linking to.) I'll be taking that back, thankyouverymuch. And getting a new one.

I *think* this is the same ridiculous corduroy jumper, $12.99, I tried on in the store, which I was utterly swimming in. Yards of fabric swirling around me. Comical. Doesn't look that way in the picture. I realized I'd have to belt it, and frankly I just don't like belts, although I have just now thought of the very belt I'd belt it with. I think. Stupid belts! Stupid voluminous jumper! I still sorta like it though. Perfect for fall...

And yet despite my complicated relationship with volume, I totally want the trapeze dress, $29.50, in black. Stupid black sold out online in the last two hours! WTF??

Other things at Old Navy that I did not see that are cute:

Ruffle sleeve blouse, $12.50. For when you want to wear a T-shirt to work with enough cuteness to make it not necessarily a T-shirt.

Thermal knit cowl-neck
, to make you look a little nicer than your standard thermal-wearing, college-wardrobe-lovin' bum.

Oooh! I also got the Libertine trenchcoat from Target, on sale for $19.98 ($27.99 online though). It had been returned, according to the ticket, and was so randomly placed that I felt ultralucky. It's very slimming and cool. Love it.

I also bought these, possibly previously blogged "Jill" kitten heels at Payless. So cute, the kitten heels! Love 'em. Have yet to road-test 'em.... well as a dress the provenance of which will be revealed in a post wholly dedicated to the brand. It'll be good, fret not!


Tamron Lohan said...

while i SORTA disagree with the cowl-neck thermal (you can have a cowl-neck, or you can have a thermal, but i feel certain you cannot have both at once), i AGREE with the trapeze dress: comfy-cuteness!

and yes, that is ABSOLUTELY why we do not get flown to paris. we are totally up for free trips to islip or utica or something, though, if anyone's offering!

courtney said...

I have the ruffle sleeve blouse too! Love it!

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