Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wax On, Wax Off: More Wax Jeans!

Continuing the ongoing one-way discussion about wax jeans... I've been seeing them everywhere lately, and I predict they're going to be the indie sleeper hit of the season, especially since shines, glosses and polished finishes, especially in dark shades, are so big.

I still haven't found an actual "definition" of wax jeans, but fear not, they don't come with a wick and a gross Glade bathroom odor or smell like Veet or anything. From what I can tell, the wax is just a stiffer, glossy finish or wash applied to denim, usually employed on skinny jeans: I can only imagine that this would make skinny jeans look even skinnier. I can also only imagine that stretch is out of the question with wax.

The waxing can either be subtle (case in point: I realized that my boyfriend has a pair of Diesels that has a very light wax finish -- they almost feel sorta starchy) and non-offensive, like these...

($130, Vanessa Bruno,

Or they can be hardcore and fucking TERRIBLE when when they go wax to the max, like these:
($220, Gold Sign,
Wet look = no.

($189, Gold Sign,
Gold Sign and Stella McCartney seem to have the market cornered on wax jeans. These Gold Sign Misfit jeans just too "Tell me about it, stud." They are kinda hot in theory, and I guess there's a time and a place for them, but that time is probably around 2 a.m. and that place probably involves a ton of cocaine and Pete Doherty's bloody deviated septum.

These actually don't look too bad.

(Apprx $100 USD, TopShop)
These aren't too terrible.

($140, Jennifer Ann Gilpin,
WHAT THE FUCK? I went to state school. People just do NOT do these kinds of things.

That is all.

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