Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dressing Up In Heavy Metals

I spent the weekend in Richmond, Virginia, where I window-drooled at Pink, which is a VERY New York-esque shop at PARIS prices. Needless to say, I walked out empty handed, but I can't stop dreaming of these two metallic dresses:

($396, Lauren Moffatt,
Okay, this chick's Kelly LeBrock in "Weird Science" hair is totally ruinous to this amazing dress. You'll just have to trust me that in real life, this piece is absolutely stunning. The sleeves are far more delicate looking. You can almost start to tell more in this photo from Lauren Moffatt's site, but I think you'd mostly be able to tell if this dress were on ME.

($308, Graham & Spencer,
This dress also completely blew me away. They had it paired with a little jacket on top, which is a perfect way to wear it. I actually think this dress, aside from being perfect for all skin shades (it'd even complement pasty peeps like myself, and I can only imagine it'd look radiant on Asian and Black skin shades too), I actually think this dress would flatter just about every body shape and chest types. It's roomy enough to cover tums but fitted enough so that it doesn't look like camping equipment. And, like I said, this looked so great with a jacket on top, that if you were having a chunky tricep day, this dress still looks amazing with something on top.

After seeing those two pieces, I went on a hunt for more gorgeous, dressy metallics and a few greys...

($297, Walter,
This would absolutely rule with black opaque tights and black heels -- even strappy ones (with a closed toes). Especially for holiday parties. I love the '50-ishness of the beaded detailing.

($430, Nicole Miller,
I know I shouldn't like this dress, but I love the updated retro-ness of it -- this is totally what I imagine rich ladies in the '60s wearing when they went off with their well-dressed, heavily pomaded dudes to see lounge singers belt out standards in Miami Beach nightclubs. That shit ruled. Expect for the racism, of course.

($374, Mint,
Simple but lovely. This could be boring if it were cotton, but the fact that its silk makes it far
more interesting, as does the strap across the back.

($185, Madison Marcus,
This fun silk top rules because it needs just about nothing else -- except maybe hair. A pair of dark slim jeans or maybe a black denim skirt and black tights and black flats and you're done.

($275, Mint,
Another all-in-one outfit piece -- you really need little else with a top that's as elegantly outspoken as this one.

($480, Anya Hindmarch,
Simply wonderful. Slim dark jeans, tight black sweater = heavenly. Sexy, not slutty!

($295, Rafe,
Nothing's worse than one of those metallic bags that are so shiny they're practically reflective (I know, because I've been there). This is the perfect shade -- and size -- to bag it all up!


Anonymous said...

that second dress (graham&spencer) looks like a trash bag - literally.
but i like everything else in this post!

lsaspacey said...

What were you doing in Richmond? That's where I live.

You were in Carytown. Did you go to JetSet Boutique, at the other end? An old friend of mine owns that store. Great store, cute stuff, but still $$$ prices though.

Tamron Lohan said...

lsaspacey: my sister lives there! no, i didn't get to jetset, but i'll be sure to hit it up next time. man.. HOW are those boutiques SO expensive??? pink is so gorgeous but so mind-blowingly $$$$.

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