Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mischa Barton Does A DIY Wonder Woman

(Photo via
Um, was Mischa Barton on her way to audition for a remake of Wonder Woman? All she's missing is the boots. Or maybe she was en route to/from a stint moonlighting as a palm reader? I'm not even gonna get into the asymmetrical shawl -- does such a dire abomination really even merit discussion? And, Mischa -- your body is to die for. Your legs are practically longer than my entire person. But that's no excuse to wear a white mini!!! Or culottes. Or whatever the fuck is happening below your pupik. And probably even Hillary Clinton regrets headbands. And that was like, 1992. And that error occurred OUTSIDE the world of fashion. There's NO EXCUSE to make that same mistake 15 years later.

Ugh. Let's cleanse our palettes, shall we, with two gorgeous pieces I'd very much love to own:
($265, Salvador Sapena,
Absolutely stunning and sooo comfy-lookin'.

This also comes in my go-to grey, but the forest green is so rich and deliciously vintage. And the price? The price, she is a-nice!


JP said...

Those shoes...with what would you wear those? Skirt? Dress? Pants? Jeans? Please enlighten the unfashionable.

G.G. said...

Love both the booties and the bag, the suede and the colors.

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