Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Red Carpet Roundup

With the VMAs, Emmys (ZzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzZzzzzz) and Fashion Week within a hot second of each other, (BET Awards too, though those were a little longer ago), I've been binging on red carpet snaps and devouring the awesome A few things worth noting, so to speak:

(Photo via
I effing LOVE this Abaete Fall 2007 dress that Rihanna and Nicole Scherzinger both wore. I even love the Haylie Duff version, though the black-and-white is by far my fave. The color scheme (that's actually purple on the bodice of the black version) represents everything I love about the late '80s/ early '90s: the colors and the "quirky" geometrical shapes. This is like the dress version of those Exclamation "Make a statement without saying a word!" magazine ads. And I LURVE IT.

(Photo via Fabsugar)
Hot pink ain't easy to pull off, but both Kate Bosworth and Thandie Newton look hot, appropriately, in the same Preen dress. And I actually love Kate's navy heel pairing. Very unexpected. Thandie's black accessories look great, but black with pink is pretty go-to. A white clutch with the navy heels would be even hotter, y'all.


(Photo via
Ohhhhhh Beyonce... seen here in Dolce & Gabbana at the BET Awards in June 2007... So much talent. So many beauties. So little style. And the medieval-style chastity belt... just... no. No. She looks like the post-modern Tin Man's girlfriend.

(Photo via
Oy. Eva Pigford IS a pretty girl with a great body. But FUCK... Too. Much. Going. On. Here. This Laundry by Design dress looks like one of those saltillo blankets, which are fine for the couch or... say... Mexico... but not head-to-toeage on the red carpet. This dress COULD be amazing if, say, the top were all black or some other solid... but the print overwhelms her wee-ness, and the fly-away hair ain't helping either. (Am I the only one who thinks hair up is the way to go when you've got on something really busy below?)

(Photo via Vegas Luxe Life)
As much as I can't STAND the Moldy Peaches, I must refer to the words of Adam Green, who so succinctly wrote in his song "Jessica:" Jessica, Jessica Simpson, you've got it all wrong. She is such a NATURALLY pretty girl. So WHY the jacked-up basketball boobies and six-shades-darker skin color and punched-in-both-eyes makeup??? I do love the honey hair color though. To her credit, this photo WAS from her visit to see the Pussycat Dolls, so I guess considering that, she almost looks conservative, relatively speaking.

(Photo via
Uhhhhh.... Sapphyri's (from Charm School) boobs look like flotation devices. Do they double as some sort of dual-engine blimp, and if so, did they play a part in transporting her from the Land Of No Mirrors Or Taste over to Vegas for the VMAs? It's hard to believe that this is the same person as this. She looks like a cracked-out Jackeeeeeeee.

By the way...
They still fucking sell this stuff!!! Or, for just $24 plus the cost of hives, you can get the old-school shit.

The original Carrie Bradshaw!

PS: So, whatcha'll think about The Binge covering celeb stuff (such as in this post)? We won't be making it a regular habit or anything... but... wouldja rather see more shopping stuff? Celeb stuff? Beauty? Don't worry -- we'll still be keepin' it real, but tell us whatcha want as we're curious to know, and we care about you, loyal Bingers (and you too, newcomer swastika Racked readers!) Let us know in los comments.


ambika said...

I? Love the red carpet breakdowns. You're too funny not to rock these.

Stephenie said...

I started checking your blog once a day about a month ago when I happened upon it while googling for fall styles. I LOVE the shopping stuff, esp since I share the same taste as ya'll. I also love to laugh at the bad stuff, like Crocs and fur-lined Uggs and Celeb faux paus. The Mischa Barton melon bracelets had me in tears. Also the comment about Owen Wilson, "Its too soon, isn't it?", literally L'ed MAO. I've sent my friends links to your blog, they know I will occasionally go off on my own fashion rants on my myspace page. Once I had a field day with loser office girls wearing beach flip flops to work every day of the summer, showing off their blackened soles. I also hate visible bras and undies. Can you please tell chicks to stop wearing the white padded bra under the white shirt like they're going pole dancing under black lights instead of on the street in broad daylight? And can you also tell them that it only makes their tits seem smaller not bigger? Thanks.
I like to check in with you guys to see what's in and what's on sale. I am def going out to find a shift dress later today. I already found some comfy flat ankle boots. Gotta admit I'm not much of an on-line or brand name shopper, but I see what you post and then go find cheapo knock-offs or thrift store goodies. I mean, I wanna look good but I ain't got no sugar daddy! I'm a working girl in an expensive city, but I just loves fashion. My bff Tammy is the PR manager for Urban Decay in Caly, I got her hooked on your blog too, she loves the shoes entries. She comes to NYC once in a while on bizness and has a separate wardrobe for fitting in here, esp in the winter. My friend Sharon and I are really into leggings right now, can you do a post on what you can and cannot do with them? I've seen some city girls wearing shorts with footless leggings and ballet flats, is that cool? I think not but I can't decide. Also, the trapeze jackets are EVERYWHERE! I got one while recently in Paris because all the Parisian chicks have them, you know the retro Jackie O short wide sleeves and empire/trapeze cut. Everything from wool coats to light cotton jackets to knit sweaters all in this style, so I got one. Then I come back to NYC and its all the rage here too. Maybe I had my head under a rock when the announcement went out, but is this going to last thru the winter and if so, what do you wear with it besides babydoll dresses and leggings and boots, or pencil skirts and heels? Like, can I rock some skinny jeans and a longsleeve t or should I get a different coat for that? How many coats does the average NYC girl need? As a Caly native I still struggle with this.
Anyway, didn't mean to go off, but thought I'd finally comment for once. I actually totes want my own blog someday. It looks like fun! Oh, btw, thanks to you, me and my friends all say "totes" now. lol
Ciao, Stephenie

JP said...

Hm...I'm torn. I go to for the snarky missives about celebrity fashion mistakes...but you guys are funny, too. What I love most about the Binge is your tips on sale items and not-so-sale finds. I think you've got a winner site no matter what path you choose. Long live the Binge!!!

Christine said...

ha! i used to think ex'cla'ma'tion (or whatever) was THE HEIGHT of chic. anyway, i think celebs are worth talking about every once in awhile. i am particularly fond of Kate Bosworth and her awesome fashion choices. And, i think your snark for stupid celebs is too good to pass :)

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