Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Franco Sarto: A Testimonial

Overheard in Media, Pa. (not exactly the fashion capital of, well, anywhere, but a cute little town, with a cute little consignment shop called the Cedar Chest, and quite a few well-turned-out ladies):

"Franco Sarto makes the most comfortable shoes."

This was uttered by one of the aforementioned ladies of Media, upon your reporter's complimenting her cute peep-toe pumps. She went on to explain she'd been wearing them since 4 pm, and it was after midnight, and her feet were still feelin' fine. That's comfort, ladies! I decided to see what other potential cutenesses F.So was sporting in addition to the somewhat horrible career pumps and whatnot. Let's see...

"Irony" peep-toes, $92.95. These were the shoes in question, except they weren't patent leather; they were red with gold piping. And I assure you they were fabulous.

This mary-jane "Idea" pump, $89.95, is really gorgeous too. That buckle!

Brown croc "Sly" wedges, $92.95. Not too sure about these. Like the round toe, though (like that's a surprise).

I'm pretty sure of these caramel suede "Targa" wedges, on sale for $49.95.

This "Mira" ankle boot is indeed shapely, as the copy so tantalizingly notes. Want! $152.95. (Also want!)

Lizard-print platform "Arena" sandals, $99.95.

These suede "Card" flats, $78.95, are quite similar to a pair purchased by a friend of mine whose other friend, a Binge reader, commented looked like something would appear on this blog. Hmmm.

And there you have it. This investigation has found that Franco Sarto DOES indeed make some cute shoes. Seven, to be exact. One for each day of the week!


Jessica said...

I love the flats...

courtney said...

I feel like Franco Sarto tends to be old ladyish, but I'm lovin' these shoes! I just saw a cute pair at DSW...must go back and get them!

ambika said...

I have two pairs that are indeed ridiculously comfortbuhls. But yes, they are the rare exception to some grandma-ish styles.

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