Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Striped Sweaters Forever!

Even with a cigarette in hand, Katherine Heigl is a pretty, pretty princess. She always looks great in stripes, don't she? And I LOVE her Juicy Couture striped cardigan -- seriously, she even manages to make beige beautiful! -- available here:
($278, Juicy Couture, Shopbop.com)

($278, Juicy Couture, Revolveclothing.com)
I also love it in black, but ahmahgah, this chick is TO'. UP.

($268, Juicy Couture, Saks Fifth Avenue)
Also cute in dress form.

($160, Line, Saks Fifth Avenue)
Pair red stripes with almost any dark color and you run the risk of looking like you're TRYING to dress like a member of Panic! At The Disco, but for some reason, this tunic sweater pulls it off without the Hot Topic effect.

($129, Sutton Studio, Bloomingdales)
Mmm. Cashmere AND silk. Delish.

($327, Trovata, Revolveclothing.com)
Show me a dude who doesn't look cute in a striped sweater and I'll show you... a dude who just isn't cute, unfortunately.

($168, Juicy Couture, Saks Fifth Avenue)
For some reason, I almost find these fun barbed wire stripes sorta smart and not schticky!

($49, Urban Outfitters)
Herringbone stripes = fantastic!

($72, Paul Frank, Urban Outfitters)
Mmmm. Orange! Bring on the CHILL!

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