Friday, October 05, 2007

Betsey Johnson Sample Sale (NYC)

I stopped by the Betsey Johnson sample sale yesterday. First of all, it was crowded as FUCK and even hotter than that. The checkout lines snaked around the room and doubled over, and the A/C was non existant. But, the merch was fairly great. I looked online and can't find a lot of what was available, because there's a lotta last season stuff, but everything (it's about 95% dresses) was in perfect shape (no gross stains or tears). Definitely worth checking out. It's only through today though, so go!

A few examples of stuff I saw...

($276, Betsey Johnson)
My absolute favorite!

($238, Betsey Johnson, Amazon)
Though this may seem a little scary, in real life it's actually gorgeous. Wants!

($124, Betsey Johnson, Bluefly)
I tried this on (over my clothes) in the black and brown-trim version. Loved it... but not enough to stand in line.

($276, Betsey Johnson,
Love this. Very Toni Collette in "The Hours."

($390, Betsey Johnson, Zappos)
Saw several of these. They're pretty but not even worth the $80 or however much they were.

($282, Betsey Johnson, Amazon)
Eek. So early-80s pageanty!

($169, Betsey Johnson,
Eek! Too "Dallas."

I also saw a few awesome striped sweater dresses, but again, I was too much of an old lady to deal with standing in line, and I actually do TRY to NOT spend money... sometimes... But if I were going to buy a Betsey dress, it'd be this one:
($330, Betsey Johnson, Urban Outfitters)
Loves! Online only = bewz.

PS: Love this one too!
($415, Betsey Johnson,

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Natalie said...

I like the pinafore one too, very cute

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