Friday, October 05, 2007

Hungry for Houndstooth

A classic, sure, but a funky classic. This coat has started me on an obsession:

Soia & Kyo belted houndstooth wool coat, $330. See what I mean about funky? Love the collar, the drop waist...everything 'cept the price. It's just a bit much for something I might be sick of in a month, ya know?

Here's a more affordable version. Unfortunately not as funkdafied: Scooter Brown houndstooth jacket, $128.

This is good too: American Rag belted drop-waist houndstooth jacket, $149.

And even cheaper version, minus the fun stand-up collar: Coffee Shop houndstooth wool coat, $79.99.

Here's a classically slim-fitting cut: Fred Flare wool houndstooth coat, $95.

Mackage wool houndstooth capelet, $447.90. This is crazy fun, but with that price tag? Not happening.

Forever 21 "Twelve by Twelve" houndstooth swing coat, $79.

Banana Republic is actually a good source for quite a bit of houndsy stuff. Banana Republic silk houndstooth top, $68.

And so is Etsy: LazerBeanz houndstooth tooth skirt, $30. Too cutesy? It's really fun, though.

If you can't take so much busy pattern, just go for a tiny bit of the 'tooth, like this StarryEyedPirate's houndstooth ring, $7.

I actually own a scarf similar to this in regular ol' black and white that I wore the shit out of: Banana Republic houndstooth scarf, $49.50.

Banana Republic houndstooth clutch, $88.

Finally, a houndstooth DON'T:

Arden b. "Burnout" tunic, $74.


Jessica said...

I am gaga for Houndstooth! i own like coats and bags and I could probably own a thousand more

Robin said...

You forgot to mention the SJP Bitten houndstooth coat at Steve & Barry's. It's cute, and i think costs $20---

argylewhale said...

great blog! Houndstooth is my favorite print and thanks for featuring my houndstooth tooth skirt!

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