Friday, October 19, 2007

Feelin' Dat Friday!

Things I am SERIOUSLY feeling on a fabulous Friday:

($650, Miu Miu,
They're like a curry they're so hot.

($650, Chloe,
Normally I'd find these too chunky, but right now I find them gorgeous.

($68, Verte for Judi Rosen,
Luuuuurve this comfy-lookin' tote (if a tote can be comfy... which it totes can). It reminds me a tad of my beloved Paul's Boutique peacock bag, which, despite an unfortunate incident in Vegas between the bag's canvas material, plastic zipper and a lit cigarette, which had deleterious results, has been resurrected! Thanks local tailor guy! ... And speaking of Paul's Boutique, PLEASE tell me the backpack isn't actually coming back., from whence I lovingly "borrowed" the image above, did a round-up of WOOD's amazing wood and plastic pieces. I covet them all. has someahdem.

1 comment:

Christine said...

can't decide if those chloe' boots are totally cute or totally herman munster.

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