Friday, October 19, 2007

Amazing! (?) Convertible! Camileon Heels!

We can't elect a woman president (in this country) or get paid as much as men, but God damn it all, we members of the fairer sex CAN have a flat and pump all in one!

The Camileon heel is a convertible heel, designed by a very smart doctor, and it goes from flat to high and back again by its secret, patented James-Bond-in-a-skirt-esque MAJE TECHNOLOGY MIRACLE SCIENCES. The secret,which I'll now reveal, is that THE HEEL RETRACTS AND FOLDS INTO THE SOLE OF THE SHOE! OMG! This is supposed to be extra better for you to walk around in, and it's supposed to also give you mindblowing orgasms every time you put them on.

Shoewawa covered them earlier this year, and Zappos has them for the not-comfortable price of $288, which is sorta like paying $144 for one pair of shoes, but still, that's a lot for weird-looking shoes. They've also got several other pairs in varying degrees of ugliness (though not as uggo as these.)

Just look how much more psyched about her life this woman is.

To me, they look like broken heels. At this point in my life, I can handle the BIG DECISION in the morning of which footwear is most appropriate for the day. Even living in New York, where I walk A LOT, I feel like I don't need a pair of magic shoes. But maybe I'm just a simpleton and not cut out for these fancy, new-fangled crazy ideas. Maybe I am, and maybe I also am.


WendyB said...

"Just look how much more psyched about her life this woman is." BWAH HA HA HA! I agree with your assessment of these. Weird and unnecessary!

Christine said...

um, these are retarded. yeah, although i am not always *together*, i too zcan choose my shoes each day without a nervous breakdown!

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

Those shoes are almost as hideous as their misspelling of the word "chameleon." I mean, come on.

Anonymous said...

A post on choosing comfortable yet stylish shoes for walking in the city would be much appreciated.

I mean, I turn down so many cute shoes knowing that my feet and/or shoes will die after the first block of walking on uneven gravel.

What's the secret? ^^
... or is it that the streets of LA are rougher than New York's?

WendyB said...

The streets of LA aren't rougher,'s the ladies of NY who are tougher! ;-)

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

Ha! Funny. I actually wasn't aware people walked much in L.A. -- it must be way easier to be fabulous in a non-pedestrian city.

Also, I try to focus on practical choices for real life in most, if not all of my shopping posts, and I love shoes, so keep coming back, Miss Anon!

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