Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Forever Twelve By Twelve

Forever 21 just launched their new "luxury line" (in this case, luxury being anything over like $12), Twelve By Twelve. Nothing totally earthshattering -- it mainly looks like French Connection crossed with Club Monaco, which isn't necessarily a bad thing -- but here are few cute pieces.

($44, Forever 21)
Cute and versatile!

($26, Forever 21)
A good staple, but doesn't look much different than your average H&M fare.

($29, Forever 21)
You know. Not bad.

($69, Forever 21)
This wool swing coat would look horrendous on me, but surely some of you out there in Cute Land could pull it off.

($25, Forever 21)
Um, yeah. I'll be buying this. Perfect with skinny jeans and booties.

($29, Forever 21)
I could akshully see this being super cute -- and comfy! -- with some simple black flats or tall boots.

($20, Forever 21)
Um, knit leggings with cute snaps on the side? Yes, please!

($29, Forever 21)
Avec hood? SI!


erika said...

I just came from Forever 21 and I walked away empty handed and quite disappointed in their new fall crap.

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

yeah but the good news is you could go next week and it'll be all NEW crap!

Anonymous said...

that last item with the hood will look OH so attractive on anyone with the slightest bit of a belly. it looks like you can just undo the snaps and out will hatch your baby!

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