Tuesday, October 02, 2007

OMG I WANT: Designer Binges

Tuesday to-die-fors:
($625, Botkier, Bloomingdales.com)
Definitely no steal at that price, but the structuring makes this an absolute thing of beauty.

($395, D&G Dolce & Gabbana, eLuxury.com)
Love this textured cone heel! And the bright, bold gold makes this shoe sort of a happy high-class hooker heel! Loves!

($425, Giuseppe Zanotti, eLuxury.com)
Giuseppe Zanotti sorta reminds me of a more affordable Fendi. I absolutely love these stunners -- the curved mirror heel is amazorz.

($297, Candela NYC, Activeendeavors.com)
Yay! Back to affordable-ish reality. These are totally beautiful everyday fall boots.

($45, Shopintuition.com)
Yay! Beauts jeweled earrings, and totes affordable! They'd be perf not only with the aforeblogged boots, but also with this dress, which has been on my bingelist for weeks now:

($110, Humanoid, Oak)
Serious wants.

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