Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Can Has Coats?

Peeps, I've been eBaying like it's going out of style. Or like I just discovered eBay. The theme? COATS! Despite the fact that it's still infuriatingly balmy in New York, here a few fine outerwear offerings I've seen, liked, and even bought lately:

Urban Outfitters Lux houndstooth coat, $41. Houndstooth, babies! Carl declared it "ugly" and laughed, but I like it!

I also really wanted this Wool houndstooth cropped coat, which sold for $36.11. After someone clearly e-SNIPED my ass! Unfair!!

Soundgirl "Fancy" coat, $124 and not yet available. But when it is, pow! Right on the "buy" button.

Paul Frank "Vera" wool coat, $165. So svelte. Or maybe it's just the model. But the coat is pretty damn cool from where I'm sitting.

And now for some coats I totally can't afford! Hooray!

Marc by Marc Jacobs textured twill coat, $628. Actually I'm sorta glad I'll never own this coat. It'd totally get NYC dirty anyway.

Andrew Marc "Defense" leather jacket, $798. God, so beautiful I want to cry. Sorta. Mostly I just want eight hundred bucks though.

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