Monday, October 22, 2007

Sneaker Freaker: Tretorns!

Now that my billion-year-old black Chucks have finally been retired to that great barely biodegradable landfill in the ground, I'm in the market for a new pair of sneaks.

This weekend I saw a pair of Tretorn for Acne Jeans or Acne Jeans for Tretorn or whatever sneakers, and, quite frankly, they were SHIT HOT:

(Photo via
The pair I saw was the same style but in black, and they were gorgeous, but the $158 price tag left them sitting right on their pretty little shelf. I still covet tho. Oh, and because, once again, I'm totes late to the game, Refinery29 was all over that shit back in March. Ho well. If yer still interested, you can get them or the hi-top version at Bird in Brooklyn.

So, speaking of old-school Tretorns, I remember I had a pair WAAAAY back in say, middle school, and I remember their inch-plus of cushiness creating a level of comfort that was almost fucking absurd. So, again, seeing as how I'm currently in the market for a new pair of non-mom sneakers, I'm now chasing that first high and going after another Tretorn fix:
($65, Tretorn)
Best, though I wish they had them in a blacker black.

($60, Tretorn)
Basic, comfy, blue. What else do you want?

($75, Tretorn)
OMG. These are ridiculous and hilarious. They're a tribute to favorite Swedish dish toast Skagen. The left represents the "mix," while the right represents the toast. Uhhhh okay. I guess it's like if we had shoes with pizza or burgers on 'em. Curiously, these are only available for men, so does that mean that mainly men like toast skagen? Or only men wear SHOES with toast skagen on them? Who knows. I certainly wouldn't wear them, so perhaps those Swedes are onto something.

($80, Tretorn)
... And via, from whom I lovingly borrowed the above photo, Tretorn and pro-Chloe boutique/line Opening Ceremony (they center the store around a different theme each year, and this year is Sweden) are collaborating on some limited-edition styles. I sorta almost like the middle checkered ones, but still, the black ones are my faves.

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