Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday Mortses!

A few selects to start your week off right... by encouraging you to gouge your eyeballs out of their sockets!

(Apprx $163, Topshop)
I mean... that's just... a lot of patent. Red patent, no less. No really... there should be less of this.

(Apprx $132, Topshop)
Ooh! The Chewbacca look = HUGE for Fall 07. Honestly, the only thing worse than real fur is horrendously cheap-looking acrylic fur. Can you even fathom how ratty this thing would look at like 4AM Sunday morning after a smoky pub crawl? Classy!

($51, Lip Service,
Speaking of classy...

Oh, Sienna. What have you done?

Mmm. Nothing says "sexy" like tight elastic bands squeezing the most universally flattering part of every woman's thighs! Add in some cargo pockets to highlight the sausage-casing effect, and it doesn't really get much sexier than this, ladies!


lindsay said...

I'm not sure if you've ever done this but I'm gonna throw a request out there for it anyway. I'm a bit of a sports fan (well really a big Yankees fan) and starting to get into watching the Jets every sunday. I was wondering if you had any information on Reebok's new women's line for the NFL? I also saw a bunch of professional sports attire in Bloomingdales but I'm not sure who makes it. Thanks, your blog is my favorite.

poop magee said...

Yeah, what's up with the jazz shoes and the pork pie hats? The old-timey look is NOT sexy!

Hey, do a post on high-waisted jeans! I think they look cute sometimes on some people, but all guys I talk to say they should be burned because they give girls "mom butt."

Sophie said...

Yeah, I'm seeing a lot of the jazz shoes on the Bedford L platform... The only girl who carried it off had sparkly gold shoes, a big gold tree pendant, and was otherwise wearing black from head to toe. The others just like look like rejects at the Cabaret auditions.

WendyB said...

I love both coats :-)

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