Monday, October 08, 2007

Truthless Advertising

Damn you, Target!! You know I'm hungry for houndstooth, so WHY ON EARTH is this extremely cute, work-approps dress splashed all over the main women's clothing page as well as the dresses page and NOWHERE AVAILABLE ON THE SITE??

But wait! There's more! See that cute burgundy ruffly dress third from the left, under "party"?

NOT IN THE PARTY DRESS SECTION! Booo! It almost makes me mad enough NOT to buy this awesomely cute dress:

Mossimo Black border-print dress, $19.99.


1 comment:

Christine said...

Ahhh I totally tried on that houndstooth dress today! Check in the juniors' is xhilaration! The button funnel-neck is so cute and the knit is heavy (not a cheesy cheap jersey). I didn't need it so I didn't buy it but it is so adorable. and $17.99, can't beat that.

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