Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Cuters!

Several inexpensive -- and cute! -- items for to which pertains to the providing of your Thursday happiness. Many thanks!

($19, Loungefly,
I know, I know... rollerskate t-shirt = so young. But it's adorable. And Erin Fetherston's new Target line is all hearts (the line hits stores in November, by the way), so give me rollerskates, okay? Allow me that.

Speaking of Erin Fetherston, this top sorta reminds me of her style (and not just because this chick has blonde hair). Quite adorable and not TOO Peter-Pan-y.

($63, Disney Couture,
Speaking of Peter Pan, as I totally contradict myself, I fully love this little slingshot necklace, especially since it has that extra layer of hanging cuteness (yes, I did say "hanging cuteness") int he form of a chain and faux gem. It reminds me a bit of this mirror necklace that the extremely sweet Kidada Jones (uh, she's awesome!) gave me at a celebrity gift suite in Vegas after she saw me fawning over it like a kid and a candy store window. I wear it on the regs. Again, I can't stand regular Disney crap, but I love their couture jewelry line.

($15, ROOTOTE,
No one NEEDS a totebag with a whimsical vintage-style map of Europe on it, but its extraordinary cuteness level is causing my Eurotote cravings to kick in on a massive level. Also, check out their l'il biscuits bag! Eee!

(Apprx $121, Adidas,
Y'all, dudes deserve cute shit too, doncha think? This pullover is so cute I'd definitely even consider wearing it myself!

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