Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Awesome J. Lindeberg Jacket For $99

Fellow flogger Daddy Likey's sick Members Only jacket thrift store score inspired me to find a couple strong-enough-for-a-man but totes-okay-for-the-ladies menswear-inspired looks of my own. But, like any New York savvy shopper worth her weight in coupons (either online or real: online in my case) will tell you, there's really NO such thing as a decent thrift store in Manhattan. So, this will have to suffice:

($99, J. Lindeberg, Tobi.com)
Not bad atall for gois or goils. The only thing I can't deal with, though, is this:

Um, I really don't need the convertible parachute-backpack-landing-gear option or what the fuck ever that is. Just the jacket please! Thanks!

($130, M Carter, Refinery29.com)
Lurve this wood-print hoodie. For boys OR for girlz!

($65, Beard & Bangs, Steven Alan)
Nabbed a pic of this great whiskey tee from Thrillist, who did a piece on Beard & Bangs, an indie label that, like Barking Irons, does lotsa Fin de si├Ęcle, swashbucklin-on-the-Bhowrie (before it turned into one big bank and condo complex) prints that evoke images of Stephen Crane novels and dirty men bashing the shit out of each other with ye olde broken bottles while women lift up their skirts to reveal yukky syphilis and other stuff The Decemberists like to sing about. Love that!

($350, Ritmo Mundo, Barneys)
Finally, I just really like these watches by Ritmo Mundo. The bright colors kinda remind me of Polo or Nautica stuff, which would normally send me running, but they work here. However, I'm actually not feeling the "Ritmo Mundo" name, and only because it brings up my own uncomfortable association with when Ricky Martin performed that "Cup Of Life" song at the World Cup or whatever how ever many years ago, and the performance featured those enormous wind-powered nylon dancing things, confetti, waaaay too many horns, and that awful "ale ale ale" arm-waving dance he did in sync with his ass, and how the Spanish-to-English translation was just so painful. But maybe that's just me.


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