Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fashion Binge Has A Baby ...Post!

We had a baby POST, silly! Check out these adorable kiddie picks that make me wish that they came in my size. (You thought I was gonna say that I wished I had a kid, right? HELLS No! Then I wouldn't be able to afford cute stuff for ME!)

First of all, Phillip Lim just unveiled his kiddie collection, and it's SO fucking precious, I could just shat.
(Photo via Oh Joy!)
OMG. The little yellow Paddington-style jacket and those wee grey tights! Cuter than 23 kittens in a little yarn basket! What I really wish is that Phil (we're tight) made this stuff in adult sizes at KID prices!

Unbelivably adorable (Via BabySugar.com) Why do kids get the good stuff though? They don't even have brains advanced enough to appreciate the cuteness of an all-over car print! Please make this in my size, lest I suffer the indignity of trying to squeeze my womanly chest into a 6T.

Again, unbearable cuteness! (Note to my mother if she is reading this: No, this isn't an open invitation to talk to me about the joys of motherhood and how awesome it is to have kids. So help me God, bring that up over Thanksgiving and I'll purposely burn the turkey. Bring it up AFTER Thanksgiving, and I'll be on the next flight back to New York!)

1 comment:

WendyB said...

Adorable! How much is the kid going for? I'll take two.

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