Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Not-So-Cheap Monday

I had no idea that Cheap Monday has so much non-jeans stuff! It seems like here in the U.S. and/or/Of A. we mainly just get jeans. Unfortunately, most of the awesome accessories and stuff are on Swedish site Caliroots (a misnomer if ever there was one), which is actually quite cheap due to the krona-to-USD exchange rate AND Cheap Monday's rad mission to keep their stuff, well, cheap... But... the freaking VAT and shipping is OFF. THE. CHARTS.

Some of the super-cute stuff I wanted:
($14, Cheap Monday, Caliroots.com)
Awesome. Was gonna get one for my sister, who's obsessed with giant squids (this is an octopus, but who's counting?) and one for myself.

($7, Cheap Monday, Caliroots.com)
Seven bucks! What the hull?

I excitedly added two of scarf #1 and some cute $7 skull socks to my cart. The total came to $39 USD. But with $55 shipping (!!!!?!!??!?!?), VAT, and God knows what the fuck else -- tax on being awesome or something? -- the total came to $85 USD. Um, nah brah.

I'll stick with this cute Easter egg-colored scarf instead:
($23, Cheap Monday, Activeendeavors.com)

And here's some horrifying Cheap Monday stuff that, even though I've never worn nor owned, causes me to shudder with morning-after regret:

($28 USD, Cheap Monday, Caliroots.com)
"Kids, when I say 4:30 outside of the Orange Julius, I MEAN 4:30 and not a minute later."

($135, Cheap Monday, ActiveEndeavors.com)
"And after I finished going down on that Guns N Roses roadie, he told me I was pretty! He's so dreamy!" WTF? And why are these NOT $65?

($28, Cheap Monday, Caliroots.com)
"And after that skanky groupie was done giving me head, I told her she was hot. Can you believe that shit?"

($28, Cheap Monday, Caliroots.com)
"OMG. I can't believe Gerard Way looked sort of somewhere near me but almost at me from the stage! OMG! Best My Chem show EVER!"


Anonymous said...

WTF with the momjeans? OMG...horrifying!

JennyPf said...

Ohhhh, I want that Octopussy scarf!


Anonymous said...

lol-zors at the mention of orange julius!

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