Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jay McCarroll Blogs Project Runway 4!

ZOMG! Best "Proj"-er ever, Jay McCarroll, is blogging the new season of Project Runway. For the RECORD, I'm finding this season to be a snoozefest TOTALE! I say I won't watch it much this season, because that's like saying "I'm not gonna eat pasta that much this season." (And in the former statement, "much" will end up referring to every week. In the latter, it means any day ending in "Y.")

Anyway, I'm confident that Jay's OBVIOUSLY hilar posts will make the otherwise-humdrum season bearable. I'd pull out some stitch-inducing (har) quotes, but that'd basically be the entire fucking post. Seriously, you will weep. Perhaps now I can find it in my heart to get past the overly self-referrentialness that is PRS4 -- the fact that one of the contestants had written "Make It Work!" on the chalkboard of their living room!!!? HORRENDOUS! Ugh. And that batshit bonkers Bjork chick? Come ON! It's like she walked into a marketing firm and paid a team of "image managers" to create her pre-packaged TV persona. TERRIBLE. But anyway, Jay rules.

Check out Jay's guest blogging stint at Elle's Tell All Blog.

(Photo via NY Mag)
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