Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Missha Vita-Feel So Good Serum: So Good Indeed

'Sbeen awhile since I've done any beauty products, and since I just got back from the 2-Up 2-Down, where I hand-delivered my moms another bottle (we sound like junkies) of a favorite product we both love: Missha's "Vita-Feel So Good Serum." Now, unless you speak both Korean and English, that name probably makes no sense. And even if you do, it still may not.

So, here's what I can deduce from my own experience as a total Westerner: first of all, I use it as a light morning/ daytime moisturizer. Second of all, it's cool but so much so that you can't use it in the winter; it's the perfect year-round moisturizer. Since it is a serum, it features the added bonus of zero C&C grease factor-y, and aside from feeling smoother and girlier than a newborn kitty's tum, your skin feels instantly softy without any of that sick tight dryness that makes you feel like a poor, enfeebled old lady. (That just me?)

And, since it's a Vitamin C serum (uhh, at least I think it is), this shit is not only fragrant, and light, but it's instantly refreshing and basically akin to a fruit salad on/ for your face. It rules. You should try it. It's $22.50 at Missha, which is basically the Korean Body Shop except at H&M prices... Actually, while most of Missha's products are insanely cheap (hence the H&M pricing), at $22.50 this product is a hypocritical exception to that rule, but considering this shit's $90 for an ounce, Missha's seems like an even better deal.

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