Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kate Spade Gets Quirky

When did Kate Spade stop making boring boxy handbags and start making cute, whimsical stuff I'd actually buy? Observe:

Double leather key fob, $45. Okay, so I don't plan on giving up my Guided by Voices bottle-opener key chain anytime soon, but it's nice to know that I have options.

Acorn key fob, $55.

Snowmass Stevie bag, $295. This bag was inspired by puffer coats, if you can imagine that (I can). I saw it in a magazine ad in silver, too. Pretty cute!

Thought-bubble hat! This is genius. Only $75 for genius! The hats are handcrafted in Bosnia and Herzegovina so your purchase supports women trying to rebuild their lives, too. Note to potential present purchasers: I want this!

Sunglasses hat, $75. Also adorable. I almost can't decide which is better. Present purchasers: You decide!

Knotted leather gloves, $125. Elegant with a twist (literally). Love it.


WendyB said...

The hats are too cute.

Ohio JP said...

OMG!!! I freakin love the thought bubble hat!!! Holy crap, that is fantastic!

Oh, and never ever give up your GBV keychain! Unless, of course, you're giving it to me, then it's alright.

ambika said...

Wow, completely agreed. I never really understood Kate Spade's appeal but this stuff is the cutest.

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