Monday, November 12, 2007


(Photo via FabSugar)

I'm not a morning person in any way shape or form, whatsoever. Ever-ever ever. So not even 18 alarm clocks, my cat walking across my face and a pack of wild horses could rouse me at the ungodly hour of whatever time I'd have had to have gotten up to make it to the 8AM press call for the launch of Roberto Cavalli for H&M at the chain's 5th Avenue flagship location here in New York.

Seriously, not even if they'd have given me a key to the store and the green light to clear the place out on their dime, I still doubt I'd have made it. And from the looks of this video footage of the mayhem of the line's launch in Amsterdam, I'm quite glad:

Doesn't this remind you of waaaay back in the day when people got trampled to death at Toys R Us trying to get their consumption-happy hot little hands on new Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls to give their bratty kids for Christmas? (My mom gave us a fake, ghetto-fab off-brand Cabbage Patch Kid, for which I thank her -- this was just the beginning of me learning the value of a good knock-off!)

Check out the rather horrifying fashionista-on-a-budget bloodbath at Style Crunch, while Catwalk Queen details the mayhem in the UK. Oy. See, I had braces for many years and value the money my parents spent on my orthodontia too much to risk getting my teeth out over a $20 serpentine bracelet:

(Which is currently going for three times its price on eBay.)

The H&M blog (what?) has lots more footage of INSANE people who got there at 7p.m. THE.FUCKING.NIGHT.BEFORE, plus pix of Cavalli himself and model Jessica Stam, who also showed up (again, exciting, but not exciting enough to merit waking up at like 5).

I think the best part of this story is the part that has nothing to do with the story -- Roberto (we're on a FNB -- first-name basis -- you know), dressed up as Karl Lagerfeld for Halloween. Ha!

Anyway, did any of you faithful F.'Bingers go?


poop magee said...

OMG That seems like the worst shopping experience ever. I'd be the person on the ground trampled to death.

When is Marc Jacobs gonna do an H&M line? I bet the crowd would be even WORSE. OH THE HORROR

Annnie said...

MJ and H&M would be 100% nightmare, and people would definitely get hurt. I can't imagine H&M would risk that, they would be liable for whatever happened.

I braved the Cavalli. it was wild. in hindsight it was a lot of fun, but it was a little scary at the time.

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