Thursday, November 08, 2007

Nicole Kidman In Alexander McQueen

Much as I LOATHE Nicole Kidman -- she is a scary, malnourished skeletal ice princess evil fembot with awful hair -- I do LOVE this Alexander McQueen butterfly dress (photo via the fab FabSugar). I agree with FabSugar's assessment that this may not be the best dress for the occasion (this looks more like a Fashion Rocks type dress), but on the other hand, who cares. And on the third hand, I sorta wish this weren't wasted on wispy, wafer-thin Nicole, you know, and instead worn by someone superawesome and stylish and more boobalicious ... like me. Or someone superawesome and slightly more famous than me like Lily Allen or Rosario Dawson or Alicia Keys or something. Even Jessica Simpson for Christ's sake. Oh well. Just another reason why I should be rich and stuff. K, bye!

1 comment:

WendyB said...

This dress is stunning! I wish I had it.

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