Thursday, November 08, 2007

Purple Pleasures

Okay, so, I have never really liked the color purple. Just never did it for me, and did it even less when I started this job and discovered a coworker who loves it to an insane degree, such that she wears it all the time, often matching (or sorta matching) her shirts to her shoes. Yet apparently not enough that she could deign to carry, even once, the purple bag I got her for Christmas last year. Harumph! But I digress. I've lately been attracted to purple, for some unexplainable reason. I'm seriously considering buying a new warm winter coat in dark purple, and I just purchased, on successive days, an A-line purple corduroy skirt and a dark puruple bag from H&M in dark purple. (No Cavalli for me! Or anyone who didn't arrive at opening, apparently, and wear protective headgear. For cheap animal-print dresses?!) A few purplish pieces for you to ponder, please:

So this is it. The coat. My lovely Triple Five Soul hot pink puffer, aka Sean Puffy Coat, aka Big Pink, is too dirty to be worn a third year. I'm going to donate it to New York Cares when they have their December coat drive, as everyone should do who has extra warm coats lying around. I am leaning toward replacing it with this Spiewak "Barton" puffer, $181. It's colorful without being look-at-me (though I did love Big Pink for its outrageousness), and looks sleek enough for a puffy coat. And it's down, so I'll be warm.

Gorgeous: These Belle by Sigerson Morrison studded ballet flats, $260.

Theory "Reliant - Craze" dress, $224.90. I'm quite certain I'd look amazing in that.

Another hot dress, way less 'spensive: Isaac Mizrahi for Target merino turtleneck dress, $44.99. Note to self: buy!

Here's a cute little Charlotte Tarantola crochet cardigan, $81.90, in more of a light purple. If I were feeling crafty I might overdye it a darker shade. Love that Missoni-esque belt, too.

God, I am such a sucker for stripey cardigans! Halogen striped cardigan, $44.90.

This is kind of just a basic top, but it shows how purple doesn't have to be lame, and can rather be just a subtle neutral: BCBGirls "Kella" top, $37.90.

Finally, this is getting a little brown to be really purple, but I guess that applies to the coolest purples, which are usually called "plum" or "eggplant": Jelly Belly hobo bag, $19.99.

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Anonymous said...

Land's End (believe it or not!) has some seriously cute, cheap and good-quality coats this winter! Lots of puffer coats that look JCrew-ish, with a flattering cut and tons of colors. I'm kicking myself for buying a really expensive coat at the end of last winter...

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