Friday, January 25, 2008

Dear Prez Bush: Please Hurry Up With That Economic Stimulus Plan -- Or -- Reasons I Need, Like, $350

($348, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Saks)

Dear President Bush,

I realize that you probably don't read Fashionbinge. You probably don't read much of anything at all. And, while we're sharing, I'll confess: I didn't vote for you, brah. Not either time. In fact, I'm really not such a huge fan of your "work" (or lack thereof) in general. But, one thing before you go -- I'd be SOOOO appreciative if you could step it up with that economic stimulus package. I've illustrated the reason why (Marc By Marc Jacobs silk scarf dress in gorgeous magenta with regal purple throughout) with the above photo.

Okay. Please make this happen.

Tamron Lohan

PS: Also, maybe please consider pulling out of Iraq? Like two years ago? If you could get to that first and THEN the $350, that'd be great. Thanks. My name is Tamron Lohan, and I approve of this post.


poop magee said...

i just peed my pants reading this. teej and i are reading...

Shelly said...

Bring 'em on! :-)

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