Friday, January 25, 2008

Solestruck Sale

A few feet treats from the Solestruck sale:

Sam Edelman "Celine" skimmer, $59.95. I have been waiting for this shoe to go on sale my entire life, it feels like. Now that it has, I might just buy two pairs. Whee!

Guess "Ivar" patent-leather birdcage flats, $49.95. Don't we all need more flats, after all?

Seychelles "Old Fashioned" leather pumps, $74.95. The interesting cutouts and slightly iridescent steely blue really make this stand out from your average pump. Me likey.

Jeffrey Campbell "Tea" strappy sandal, $44.95.

These aren't on sale, but I love them anyway. Seychelles "With a Twist" suede pumps, $79.95.

Finally, the Vans Classic Slip-On, $34.95, is coming in some sweet colors and patterns these days. I'm torn between the tan checks and the yellow snapdragons. Think I might go semi-classic and get the checks. Paired with a miniskirt and a t-shirt, it's so perfect for a summer Saturday spent walking around the neighborhood, checking out stoop sales. Can you tell I'm sick of winter?

Also: Free shipping! Yay!

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Solevoice said...

Hey, thanks for the link! Did you know Solestruck has a blog, too? You might enjoy it. We put up a new post almost every week day with reviews of certain shoes, news about brands and sales, and all kinds of advice. Check it out. And if you leave a comment, you could very well be chosen for a special discount on your next order :)

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