Monday, January 21, 2008

A VEHEMENT NO! To Mary-Kate's Lennon Glasses! An ADAMANT YES to Lily Allen's Wayfarers!

(Photo via
PLEASE, whatever you do, do NOT take a cue from Mary-Kate (Olsen, that is, NOT to be confused with Mary-Kate HOPKINSON!) and go out and buy yourself some Lennon glasses, like the ones she's shown here wearing at Sundance. (And holla at Binger JP -- Chicago JP for those of you keeping track -- for standing next to Ashley. And yes, I realize how lame that just sounded -- shouting out someone for merely STANDING in the presence of someone whose claim to fame was appearing on Full House, but whatever.) And do you really want to be seen in the same sunglasses as Howard Stern? They're detestable. In fact, I think they're probably my least favorite fashion accessory EVER. Not even if you smoke an eighth of wizard a day should you let that be an excuse to wear these terrible things. Truly, it'd be more advisable to stare directly into the sun and burn out your retinas. At least that way, you could blame your lack of taste on your blindness.

A far far far better celeb choice: the always-adorbs Lily Allen's green Chanel wayfarers:
(Photo via: Breesays)
Lily wears these bad boys EVERYwhere, and why? Because she is a teensy, precious little bad ass. And because they rule. Admittedly, the multi-colored Chanel branding makes them a bit tacky and too dear, but fortunately, knock-offs abound!

($9.50, Delias)
I almost bought these the other day, but then I realized the S/H was a bit wack. But I'll probably still get 'em. (Let's be honest.)

($12.50, OC Shades, Amazon)
So fun in pink -- they'd look great with a black trench. Like an international yet STYLISH woman of mystery!

($18.99, Amazon)
Amazon seller Vintage Designer Sunglasses may not have employed maje creativity in naming their shop, but their goods are on point, with all kindsa vintage wayfarers in non-played colors like bold matte yellow, lilac and dark green. Noice!

($10, FredFlare)
Always-cuters standby Fred Flare has lots for just $10. Check out the ones in mint. Weeeee!


Andy said...

I really prefer the Wayfarer! and these colors are amazing ;)

JPinOH said...

Ah, the Wayfarer. My BFF and I wore matching pink plaid Wayfarers in 1986. God, I'm old.

SneauxFlocken said...

Honestly - both styles are hideous. I wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of wayfarers, let alone green ones. I don't care who made them.

Anonymous said...

Im all for vinatge sunglasses but some of them styles are so wack .

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