Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More American Apparel Mortses

In the Things That Should've Happened Five Years Ago department, American Apparel CEO and World-Class A-Hole Dov Charney is FINALLY going to trial for... SEXUAL HARASSMENT. (I know. Can you believe that ish? And he always seemed like such a nice boy!) Hopefully hating this d-bag will now become an official law in every state.

Other recent Am/Ap offenses include:
Via Fabsugar: This crap-ass vinyl fanny pack. The last three words of the previous sentence are what's wrong with the whole package. And speaking of packages, the always engrossing (and hilarious!) Jezebel has a great video called "American Apparel Will Make You Look Like A Fat Hooker." Check it out now.

(Crappy fuckface Dov Charney photo via Fabsugar.)

1 comment:

ambika said...

This is hysterical. I've sent the link to all of my friends. I can't understand the rapid expansion of this place. Their clothes suck.

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