Friday, January 11, 2008

Pantone's 2008 Spring Color Forecast: Color Me Bored

Color experts Pantone have revealed their Spring 2008 color forecast based on New York S/S '08 Fashion Week. And they are:

Golden Olive
Spring Crocus
Rococo Red
Pink Mist
Daiquiri Green
Snorkel Blue
Silver Grey

... And...


Sorry, but with the exception of the bright Snorkel Blue and the oddly named Freesia (a bright Sunflower), these are colors that only otherwise appear together in various aisles of Michael's crafts. These are totally bathroom towel colors. Off the runway, I could really only see these drab, muted, overly safe shades on bottles of cheesy Bath and Body Works body sprays, those terrible matching "pant suits" that make middle-aged women look 15 years older than they actually are, or on little girls' corduroy jumpers. Snews!

1 comment:

Cyndi LARPer said...

not to mention that they'll wash out like half the population. fudge.

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