Thursday, January 10, 2008

Victoria's Secret Booties: Love 'Em Or Leave 'Em?

I swear, I'm not even making drug party, but I think I actually like these booties by Victoria's Secret.

($39, Victoria's Secret)
I know. They're Victoria's Secret! And they're metallic! Normally that'd be a double ew, but am I wrong in thinking that the silver ones would be cute with a pair of dark indigo skinny jeans and a little black jacket? Really wrong? Lemme knows, hos!

Two far less controversial boots:


JPinOH said...

Hating the VS booties...lurve the grey Urban Outfitters boots. But, that's just me. I suck.

Sealed said...

for the most part, i love the booties, but the heel shape is slightly off- I don't like the way it fares out at the bottom, I would have preferred a true stiletto or tapered chunky heel

poop magee said...

i personally would not wear the vs boots, but i don't think they look too bad. with the right outfit of course! and $39 is a great price.

i love the other boots! i almost bought the boots at the bottom! but i bought flat ones instead (more practical for my clutzy self!).

Lumberjill Lost said...

I love ankle boots. love love. I've been in mourning all through break because I left mine at college. In fact, they might be the only reason I am going back.

Anyway. I see your point on the VS ones. They are a bit campy...I might expect to see them in a musical (or on Tyra... we can only hope not both at the same time). But hey, as long as the rest of your out fit is a feather and sequin free zone, why not?

all-things-spiffy said...

I've yet to try booties, whenever I put them on, I just feel like I look too..vampish and overdone. the VS ones being metallic just make it even worse!!
I love those boots, though :)

btw, I would also love to swap links with you! Drop me a comment if you'd like that!

Runway Fashion said...

I love the booties! and i guess $39 is still worth buying with that lovely shoes! =)

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