Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Runway Recap: Chanel Ready-to-Wear Spring 2008

Schizophrenia! Rizzo! Stars and stripes! Bondage! Boredom! Prostitution! Grey Gardens! Granny knits! Coogi! White people in racist country clubs (I don't think there was ONE non-pale-skinned model in that show! Wait. There was like one Asian or something. But COME ON!) The movie Overboard! No, it's not a shortlist of Britney's faults and favorite things. These are what look to be the much-too-many inspirations behind the Chanel's dizzingly unfocused 2008 RTW collection.

Check out the denim pieces; instead of making you go to the trouble of tracking down some blinding acid, pouring it into a bucket and dunking your head in, they've done that for you. Thanks, Uncle Karl! Enjoy the parade of atrocities!

1 comment:

Bonifant said...

ready to wear????

by whom? Any translatable style is already out even rocawear lol has sexy denim overalls.

Lace leggings instead of lame I think not fashionists are going to get their 40 bucks worth out of those AA leggings.

That star fabric looks familiar...does that mean Rihanna was wearin Chanel in her Shut up and Drive video performance clip.

I am underwhelmed yet entertained. Today was rough I needed the giggles.
Merci :)

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