Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Absurdly Cute Wood-Print Zipper Pouches That I Am Kvelling Over

LOOK at what immensely talented artist, blogger and Etsyer The Black Apple just stitched up in time for Palentine's Day: absurdly cute l'il pouches made from woodgrain-print fabric. To make matters even more eye-meltingly cute cutilly cuters, she done went and added teensy squirrely friends in love, sharing amorous convo in French over a heart-shaped acorn. I mean COME ON. It barely gets cuter than that. (Except, of course, for my awesome cat Rory, but just barely at this point, because he scratched me the other day, so he's temporarily on my shit list.)

Anyway, they're not posted in her Etsy shop yet, but I pray she does so with a quickness!


ms. spinach said...

ooooh. i'm also digging little odd forest's tree trunk laptop bags. is faux wood the new black?

also: do we ever get tired of saying things are the new black? no, we do not.

Christine said...

GEEZ will people please stop showing me cute things on etsy!? I can hardly keep up with all the freakin adorable stuff I find there! Keep this up, & I'll lose my job because I will just be looking at etsy 24/7

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