Monday, January 07, 2008

Tales Of London: Part 2: TOPSHOP TAKEOVER!

I truly think it's for the best that there isn't a Topshop in the states (yet). I'd be broke.

For the two of you out there who are unfamiliar with Topshop, it's a fast-fashion clothing chain that's essentially a Forever 21-H&M (minus the LOGG crap)-French Connection. And we hit 'em up four times (but I don't count the one on the Strand because it SUCKED), though we also went to three museums (four if you count Edinburgh Castle as a museum, which I kinda do). Here's what I got:

This top is from the Laura For Topshop designer collection -- Laura being Laura Lees. This photo (which I graciously nabbed from someone selling it on eBay), doesn't do this adorable top justice. Normally I'd consider embroidery on an already busy print to be too much, but it's like a happy little quiet surprise around my d├ęcolletage! It was only 10 pounds, and I've already worn this about three times now.

I got this, which I believe I've blogged about before, but in off-white. Yay! Shopping destiny!

(Apprx $98 USD, Topshop)
And finally, my Topshop coup de grâce -- the star bow-front dress!! Now, research has shown me that this is, as Susiebubble of Stylebubble refers to it, one of the "distinctive hotcake" pieces of Topshop's Fall/Winter '07 line. Which is basically means, if you're too lazy to read the humorous post, it's one of the "those items/ pieces" you see on EVERY other girl below whatever the British equivalent of 14th Street is. The piece ladies risk fingernail-to-cornea injuries to procure. And while I didn't know that going in, the eagle-like inner honing-device that fuels my shopping instincts propelled me toward this piece like a heat-seeking missile (and yes, that was a LOT of mixed metaphors, but I'm eschewing proper grammar here for sake of emphasis). And the dress, which reminded me of that Catherine Malandrino star-print dress I so desired, was MINE! Weee!

It's fetching a pretty penny on eBay right now, and even though if I lived in London, I'd probably deem this dress "over," and even though that's basically what the girls over at have done, I intend to wear it and wear it well! Wee!


poop magee said...

oooh! The star dress will look so cute on you!

Lumberjill Lost said...

yumm. I envy your missile-like skills.

ambika said...

The TopShop in Barcelona was pretty bare last October, which was a bummer. I'm glad to see you scored. That star dress is darling, even if it's 'over' in the U.K.

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