Sunday, January 06, 2008

Tales Of London: Part 1: Lulu Guinness

Okay, so while traipsing around the Seven Dials area of London on Christmas Eve (lost), I passed by what I think, in retrospect, was Poste Mistress (UKers, feel free to correct me if this implausible) and stopped and nearly creamed over some Lulu Guinness "Vera" heels very similar to these:
(Photo via Shoewawa)

The ones I saw were a different color -- the color has escaped me in my hazy dream sequence -- and maybe seemed to have a more stiletto-y, less pump-y heel, but all I saw were the gorgeous silver lips. Heaven! Twas for the best that the shop was closed, because the exchange rate was KIL.LING.

Still my Lulu Guinness lust will continue, albeit from afar...

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