Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tales Of London: Part 4: Cute Jacket + Cute Article

Oopsers! I totes almost forgot!! Technically this is Tale of Glasgow, but... I got this super cute faux-leather bomber jacket in grey from Dorothy Perkins -- which is sort of like a combination of the better elements of, like, a Charlotte Russe, a Payless and a Claire's, which is to say, there's definitely some cute stuff, but you've definitely gotta look for it.

Anyway, the jacket was (and still is!) on sale for £20, which worked out to be about $40 USD, give or take. Deal!

($40, Dorothy Perkins)
By the way, don't know Dorothy Perkins -- they're owned by... TOPSHOP!

Know you know!

And, speaking of shopping in the UK, check out this funny piece by Telegraph writer Vicki Woods -- it's about Londoners doing their holiday shopping in New York, where, with the super-fuerte pound versus the watered-down dollar, the whole fucking city was basically one big half-off sale. Sigh...

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Lumberjill Lost said...

I'm going to have to read the article tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I liked what I read about the jacket (it's def uber cute!) but I'm so tired I feel as though my brain has fallen out of my head so I'm not sure I processed it right. Or at all.

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