Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tweety Shoes: For the Birds

... And for infantile adults who don't know how to dress, too!

Via ThreadTrend, whose writer, Manuel Paul, shares my burning haaaaatred for any apparel with Betty Boop on it. Manny, I'll see your Betty Boop and Tweety, of course, and raise you any other item of non-child-sized clothing with a fucking Looney Tune, Pooh bear, Sesame Street or franchised cartoon character. It's horrifying, humiliating and repellent. And these shoes are no exception. This is some serious Lil Mama shit right here, and I mean that in the worst way possible.

I guess the only way you could get away with wearing these would be if you wore them shiny leggings, a vinyl fanny pack, and a doggie bag. And then punched yourself in the brain.


JPinOH said...

poop magee said...

those shoes would look PERFECT with this outfit:

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