Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ask A Binger! Do Ballet Flats Go With Skinny Jeans?

In our recent Cigarette/ Skinny Jeans post, Laura S. of the adorable DachsiesandDaisies -- who finds heart-wrenchingly cute stuff like marshmallows with heart cut-outs (!!!!) -- asked if ballet flats are appropes footwear for skinny jeans.

In a word: Absolutely, sistrah!

Rachel Bilson always looks so super comfy-casual-cute.

Such a pretty princess! Even if she is dating the human equivalent of a two-by-four. (Hayden = zzzzzz).

Chloe Sevigny may be one of the only people on earth who can pull off white jeans. (J.Lo does NOT count). God bless, I say.

Casual Kate Bosworth in skinnies and flats -- love the all black.

Granted, all jeans are skinny jeans on Kate Moss (here in her Doherty days), but here's another example of the classiness of black flats/ black pants. Perfect way to not look like a crazy person in animal prints.

Perfect ensemble for when you're about to take naked pix of your underaged self! On the reals though: I'm basically indifferent toward Vanessa Hudgens, but these flats are cute.

Anyway, especially in the warmer months, ballet flats are the perfect outfit upgrade from flip-flops (which I absolutely abhor), and sandals, which I've never been too fond of. Flip-flops: hangar steak and Cristalino. Ballet flats: Kobe and Veuve. Got it?

PS: DC blogger HeyPretty's post about skinny jeans and boots has little to do with either, but it's a funny read in a self-deprecating-but-not-too-severely way.

PPS: Also, read HeyPretty's post about how fucking shitty Cashmere Mafia and Lipstick Jungle are and how there's a dearth of TV shows that realistically portray working women in their '20s and '30s. Which is why I primarily watch Intervention and Tell Me You Love Me. And Millionaire Matchmaker.

PPPS: I am not actually, nor am I in any way, shape or form associated with HeyPretty. I just discovered her blog today and like it. KThXbYe!!


Anonymous said...

I agree about flip flops. Unless you're at the beach. Then and only then.

Cyndi LARPer said...

oh lawd i hate flip flops too!! it hurts me when i see loved ones in them.

laura_s said...

i pretty much just peed myself when i heard you mention my blog. um. i even blogged about it.
you made my valentines day!

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