Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cravin' Smokin' Cigarettes (Jeans, That Is!)

I have so many heels that I end up not wearing enough because I need more cigarette jeans -- the ones with the perfect amount of ankle slouchiness. Otherwise, wide-legged jeans (even bootcuts) with heels always feel awkward on me. Like I'm trying to pull off a lady-sailor look or something. Plus, what's the point of even wearing heels instead of flats if your pants are going to conceal them? So, without further adieu, tons of cigarette jeans -- some '80s-inspired -- at a host of price points...

($174, Deener,
I really love the slightly Western detail of the stitching and on the pockets.

($174, Furst Premium Denim, LF Stores)
Okay, please don't kill me. But I actually sorta love these totally '80s acid-washed jeans. Have I been brainwashed? Regardless of whether or not you now loathe me, you must admit: Furst does some on-point skinny jeans. And perhaps you'll find these less of an affront on your anti-retro tastes.

($159, Joe's Jeans,
Perfect ankle-to-heel ratio!

($139, Earnest Sewn,
For those of you not tubular enough to rock the Fursts.

($111, J Brand,
Perhaps you recall past posts where I slammed colored jeans. Well, I am a big fucking hypocrite. While I don't own any jeans that aren't a shade of blue, black or grey, I've come around and am warming to the idea of denims in shades other than those usually reserved for pens. I have discovered that I'm really not into bold, primary colors, but I am into the more muted, dusty shades that don't aren't a blinding assault on the eyes but instead a nice subtle alternative to blues and greys. (Again, yes, I'm a total hypocrite). Case in point: these great J Brand jeans in "gingerbread." Hee! Gingerbread!

($72, J Brand,
These J Brand jeans in "Brick" might have to be my next purchase.

($58, Paper Denim,
Not my 100% faves, but a great deal. BTW, has anyone shopped Labelspree? Legit or not?

($49, Rock N Roll,
According to the site, deals in punk and goth gear and festishwear and is a destination for fashion freaks. I fall under none of those categories (except maybe "fashion freak," though probably not in the way they're referencing). I have a grand total of three piercings -- all in my ears -- and the only ink on my body is the occasional errant pen mark. But, I'd definitely try these out for $49. Check out the lavender ones too.

($38, Rock N Roll,
Cute! And stretchy! Will buy! (Minus the wallet chain, of course).


laura_s said...

can you wear cigarette jeans with flats? i'm curious.

Katie Briggs said...

just bought the paper denim and cloth jeans from label spree...fantastic! its hard for me to pull off cigarette jeans because i actually have hips, but they are fab! and as for label spree, amazingly fast shipping and really good discounts! im buying from them again for sure.

Tamron Lohan said...

laura_s: I definitely would and DO wear cigarette jeans with flats! That's part of their beauty: so versatile!

laura_s said...

oh good. because i'm uh, awkward in heels. thanks!

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