Sunday, February 03, 2008

Lemony Fresh

Anyone else started thinking about spring footwear? I myself am thinking about stocking up on ballet flats: They're not going away, folks. And they're just getting cuter! I think I might actually try to procure them in every color of the rainbow. Starting, of course, with yellow. How can you not be happy with cute yellow shoes? I submit that you cannot.

BC Footwear "Babycakes" flat, $49.95. Solestruck has a great promotion going on wherein if you donate your gently worn shoes to charity, you get 5% off per pair on your purchase. No word on whether the underprivileged particularly need high-heeled boots or other shoes more about fashion than function, but you can donate any kind of shoes you wish. Good cause, good effect for you.

Frye "Kat" T-strap flat, $117.95. A friend recently told me that she has several pairs of Frye shoes and they're all crazy comfortable.

Okay, so these Old Navy canvas ballet flats, $19.50, are not quite yellow, but they're so striking, aren't they? Interesting and bright and fun. I may run out and purchase these tomorrow.

J.Crew "Pepper" suede flats, $148. Who doesn't want a pompom flopping around on their toes?

Gap suede knotted ballet flats, $39.50.

I had a JC Penney gift card left over from Christmas, and after contemplating various bathmats and table lamps, I decided to go for these Arizona cutout flats, $29.99 but really like $4.99 plus shipping. These look fairly boring in comparison to everything else here, but whatever. They'll still be cute. I hope.


Char Star said...

Awesome! It is IMPOSSIBLE to be sad when you're wearing yellow shoes. And these ones are so cute!

jami said...

I do NOT want a pompom floating around my toes. For the record.

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