Tuesday, February 26, 2008

FashionBinge Forced Retirement: The Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flat

Yes, the Tory Burch "Reva" ballet flat is cute, but so is Abigail Breslin, but you don't see me hanging out with her. That's why I have to take issue with iVillage for putting them on their "Still In For Spring" list. Conversely, they're on my own personal "First to Go" list. Enough is enough! They're overly specific to last spring, and they're making me yawn.

Let's step it up with some new flats, shall "we"?
($375, Tashkent By Cheyenne, Piperlime.com)
The gold buckle and square toe are simply sublime, and the neutral tan make this an excellent (yet expensive) winter-to-spring transitional shoe.

($155, Corso Como, Piperlime.com)
Um, okay. I was just about write that these sassy yet simple shoes are the Dorothy Zbornak of awesome flats, and THEN I saw that these are called "Dotty," thus confirming my long-held suspicions that I am a FUCKING GIRL GENIUS.

($235, Repetto, Creatures of Comfort)
Not so me, but I could see MKHo pulling these off with much "aplomb." And speaking of black ballet flats -- throughout much of last fall, I wore a pair of subtle black patent quilted ballet flats that I got at like Rainbow or something (no joke) for under a twenty. I wore them with everything, and quite well, if I must say. Unfortunately they started to smell like a pile of fragrant garbage, so I had to trash them, but they're such an easy go-to that I may have to replace them:

($22, Torrid)
Simple, sweet, and so cheap! Thanks, Torrid!

($11.49, Target)
No, thank YOU, Targz!

($49, Steve Madden)
See? Behold: a simple, stylish flat, unadorned by now-ubiquitous tack, which is more than I can say for...

(Via iVillage, unfortunately)
A crime -- and fate -- worse than Crocs, my friends.


shopaphilia said...

Agreed! Especially since there were so many replica versions of the "Reva" flat, it's just not exciting any more.

And wow...what is up with those Ed Hardy flats?

My faves are the simple, plain, black, Steve Madden flats. Ah - so basic and timeless.

Threadtrend said...

Those ed hardy shows smell like feet....not cute!

Henna said...

I gots to agree - the Tori Burch flat was hardly in this fall! Get anything but Tori Burch and you should be fine.

WendyB said...

But if Abigail Breslin was made into a pair of shoes....how would you feel about her then?

Vancouverista said...

I've noticed this continual problem of flats everywhere covered in bows, studs, weird embroidery and other crap...I'm glad someone else is sticking up for the simple look. If you're looking for something long-lasting and classic check out London Sole. Those are fantastic.

Tamron Lohan said...

I'm not even against adorned flats in general -- I'm just against these as they're just so beyond past their expiration date at this point. KWIM?

Anonymous said...

the tory burch flats are horrible, but those ed hardy flats are worse.

Tamron Lohan said...

Anon: Not only are those Ed Hardy flats beyond horbs, but even if they were the last shoes on earth and fit me perfectly, and I needed to travel 100 miles by foot, I would wear them on my ears before I put those things on my feet.

the iron chic said...

Those damn Tory Burch flats!
Why would I want that beeatch's initials on my toe?

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