Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In The Navy: Candela NYC Patent Pumps

Perhaps inspired by A Cup Of Jo's recent post on the super-glam heyday of 1960s air travel (I mean, I wasn't there, so what do I know? It could've sucked, but you know -- almost 50 years later, it looks pretty rad in an ambiguously misogynistic way), I really want these Candela NYC perfect patent pumps in what shall forthwith be referred to as "airline blue."

($79, Candela NYC, ActiveEndeavors.com)
Seat backs up, ladies -- they're on sale from $264!

Shoes I definitely really DO NOT want:

Keds, from the new Spring/Summer '08 line. My eyes! There's seriously no saving the first pair.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't there either, but my Mom was a flight attendant in the 60's and said it was really fun, and that they were really thought of as glamorous.

laura_s said...

are sneaker wedges a really really bad idea? are there any that work?
i kinda liked the keds one that didnt have the peep toe. now i feel i should hang my head in shame.

heather said...

Flight attendants have it going on! I love the idea of navy, white and blue as a "friendly skies" combo.
Those last shoes are sad. I wear a size 12 shoe so, I'm forced to wear keds!

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