Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gap Attack!

Weirdly, I'm not really feeling the "European collection" at Gap. Who, exactly, are "oversized" denim shorts going to look good on? I did find plenty of pretty pieces in the regular, um, "collection," though.

This really caught my eye in the store: the back-tab mac jacket, $69.50. But what color? The brights are all so fun and fresh, but the taupe would be more classic and practical. And maybe this is the best way to wear a (usually boring, in my opinion) beige trenchcoat?

The rest of my picks are all about dresses.

Chambray puff-sleeve dress, $54.50.

Pleated tie-waist dress, $59.50.

Pleated pocket dress, $59.50. It also comes in black and navy, both of which are tempting, too.

Supersoft jersey dress, on sale for $39.99 and also in black. Sooooo comfy-looking.

This is not a dress, but so necessary: Even though I have technically cooler hoodies fighting for shelf space in my closet, when I'm on my way to the gym I always reach for my light-blue Gap terrycloth one. Not sure why, it's just sort of perfect. And so I'm thinking I might go in for this — again with the hot pink!

Clean zip-up hoodie, $39.50.

Finally, a question: Have any of you guys ever taken an ibuprofen or something like that for pain caused by footwear? I just did—a rarely worn boot is squeezing my left foot like a boa constrictor. But just my left one. WTF? The pill has not helped. Boo.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever even thought to take a pill for foot pain. I usually just take off my shoes and rub my feet for a while at my desk (because I work alone upstairs). I find a little break from the shoe every now and again during the day helps, unless it's a problem with a potential blister...

mudkipz said...

Pink jacket + pink hoodie = Fashion win.

Prêt-à-Porter P said...

i ordered something from gap's prev euro collection, an awesome pair of skinny jeans, when i got them they looked NOTHING like the picture and fit 2-3 szs too big, and that was in the smallest size.

ambika said...

My left foot is half a size bigger than the right so I'm familiar with the only-one-foot issues. I've never taken OTC meds--a soak at the end of the day is usually the only thing that helps.

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