Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hair Miracle! Cristophe Beverly Hills "Purely Natural" Conditioner

($7.99, Cristophe Beverly Hills, CVS)

The other week, I was sent Cristophe Beverly Hills' new "Purely Natural" conditioner and, admittedly, thought little of it. But, since my hair is long, dry, curly, thick, often unruly and usually frizzy (lucky me!), I go through about a bottle of conditioner a week. I ran out of whatever else I'd been using (the fact that I can't even remember what it was should highlight my indifference), and I figured I might as well give it a shot.

Sweet sassy molassey! This stuff is a mini hair miracle! It's tamed my not-so-"fierce" frizziness and added a lovely layer of shine without the gunky greasiness, AND it's kept my scalp from doing undesirable things.

It has a nice light fragrance (I detect a hint of what smells like anise), and it's got no parabens (yay!), and apparently that's very good because they're apparently bad. What it does contain: alcohol (boo!), but it also clearly contains magic! Oh yeah, and here's more magic: it's only $7.99 (at CVS). I've spent far more on far lesser products, so I'll definitely be dropping that when I run out -- which will surely be soon.

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heather said...

i just purchased some of their straightening serum... and i am in love.

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