Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Natalie Portman For Te Casan

Tonight I stopped by the Te Casan launch party for Natalie Portman's collection of vegan shoes. I'd never been to the designer Soho shoe boutique, but I'd always wanted to go. Loved the mod decor... and the mini toasted grilled cheese.

Photos (all by Fashionbinge) thusly:

As anyone with functioning eyeballs can tell, she was stunning. She was also quite petite but definitely not el grosso-looking. Anyway, she had on a pair of her own (duh) "Pippa" Mary Jane heels in red (each style starts with "P"). As much as I liked the faux patent leather Poppy heels (shown above in red), they're pretty freaking basic for $225. That extra scratch has got to fund the celebrity machine.

Now, don't get me wrong, I can barely draw a cartoon shoe let alone create actual designer shoes (though I'm not sure how deeply she was involved in the technical areas of shoe making), but most of the shoes were a bit of a snooze. Nice and elegant (ostensibly like Natalie herself), but nothing to write home about... or pay two Benjamins for.

Now what I WOULD pay a few hunnies for were shoes by some of the other guest designers:
Zoe Lee: Can you tell she designed for Vivienne Westwood?

Gianluca Soldi: Love the top pair.


eye4style said...

This line is quite cute, though I do have a weakness for overpriced footwear...Not sure I'm digging Natalie's blond highlights though!

Jessica said...

Sadly i have been to this boutique way too many times and have 7 pairs of shoes from there!


Michelle said...

I love her shoes as well, but not for 225.00. I'll continue shopping @ http://www.vegetarianshoesandbags.com/ They're trendy AND affordable!

Bulilit said...

Awesome !! Thanks for the wonderful designer shoes collection. Cheetah skin stuff shoes look very dazzling.

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